Ocado OK?

Today I received a promotional email from Ocado, the new on-line grocery business that I wrote about a few weeks ago (see Shop Till They Drop), and since I abandoned my initial attempt to use their service, I wondered how they are doing.

Before they came up with the brand name Ocado they were called Last Mile Solutions, which is a much more meaningful name given the major logistical problem facing a grocery delivery business. However, L.M.S. is clearly not so good if you want to be remembered for providing food, and this new business, which appears to have been founded by a gang of guys from Goldman Sachs and Marks & Spencer, has lofty ambitions indeed! The following text comes from its website:

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to make grocery shopping the highlight of the week for our customers.
  • Our vision is to create an exciting new grocery experience in which our actions speak louder than our words. Our people are encouraged and trusted to exceed their own and customers’ expectations. Together we will deliver an unrivalled personal service that surprises and delights our customers every time.

The highlight of the week? Good luck, mate!