September 1825

4th Sept/25: – Lord’s day; – Preached etc. at Layou; the weather was favourable & more attended than usual. I have not seen so large a congregation there before, and what was best of all, the presence of the Lord was manifested to his people, and surely his word was applied to every heart. After service, rode with Dr Stewart to Palmiste Park Estate agreeable to an invitation from Col. Jackson the Proprietor who was at Chapel this morning; & after dinner preached to the slaves perhaps 10 in all, several others present. We dined out of doors after sunset at this cool residence, near the mountains. After fulfilling my commission by speaking the word; and taking leave of my kind host who has for years been friendly to our Mission I rode down to Layou bay and about 10 at night reached Home in peace & safety. Blessed be God, whose gracious power is my support.

11th Sept/25; – Lord’s day: – In officiating at the place of my appointment, the gracious power of the Highest overshadowed me & my soul was profited; so I trust were many others. The morning congregation was a little larger than usual; that in the evening not so, as some had got up a dance, which of course attracted the young & volatile, and the parties assembled on Satan’s ground concluded the Sabbath with quarrelling. Had I known of this dance while they were together, it is probable some attempt would have been made to prevent their proceedings.

17th Went to Town in the Canoe & rode from thence to take an appointt at the Winward.

19th Just returned to Princes Town & have endured some fatigue for the last 3 days. But the Lord, whose gracious promise could not fail, preserved me in danger & made me happy in my work. O that the work of the Lord may be glorified in all the earth, and the Kingdom of Jesus be implanted in every heart. Amen.

22nd Sept/25 – Went to Chateau-belair as usual on a Thursday once a fortnight taking Layou each alternate Thursday, preached and made arrangements to go further down the coast tomorrow morning.

23rd In company with Mr Fortmaison our principal Leader at Chlr. I visited Morne Rhonde, situated beyond the last sugar Estate on the Leeward side of the island. Here, in sufficiently insular dwellings & difficult of access we found several Charaib families, of the half Negro caste and one aged female of the true yellow or genuine description. We visited several houses, including that of Capt John, their chief, and were received with much attention. They appeared to be pleased with the object of my visit. I catechised their children, spoke to the adults generally & prayed with them all. Having thus in the name of the Lord fulfilled a strong desire to be of some use to this much neglected people; and having now an open door to revisit them whenever convenient, or when the “troubled sea” would admit of our little canoe coasting along with a prospect of safety, I returned direct to Barrouallie (Princes Town) to a late breakfast and much in need of it too, but thankful to God, who had disposed this remnant of his offspring to hear those things which belong to their peace.

25th Sept/25. Sabbath; – A very wet day & of course unfavourable to the congregations generally. But it was the day fixed for a Lovefeast & I never did even in fine weather see so large a congtn in Chateau-belair. Had two good times in preaching & a profitable season at the Lovefeast: afterwards married 2 couples and received 5 on trial. May they receive grace to be faithful and persevere to the end. Amen.

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