April 1825

4th April/25. – This is the 7th day on board; and since the last date most of the passengers have been seasick. This disorder, though extremely disagreeable, is a good preparative for a
residence in a tropical climate, but when it subsides, should be followed by a small dose of aspirant medicine, and by tonics if the appetite is fickle. My dear Anna & I have been quickly
delivered from this trial; and feel ourselves favoured from on high. We desire, and strive much to increase in every essential gift & grace in order to extensive usefulness among the perishing
heathen. Lord of earth & sea & sky! Direct us in all our studies; – guide us by thy counsel; – keep us ready for thy Kingdom, give us many souls, – and let us meet all our dear & highly
valued friends, at least in heaven when all the toils of earth are over, to part no more.

7th April/25. – The goodness of God endureth continually; and is made exceedingly manifest to us in various ways. Blessed be his name! My dear Anna & I are preserved on the wide ocean;
we have but little sea sickness even in rough weather; and our minds are kept in perfect peace fully devoted to God; and made willing to be driven & tossed by tempestuous winds; if we must
encounter danger & hardship in fulfilling the blessed will of our heavenly Father. This evening we quite enjoyed a seat on deck, the dark blue waves majestically rolling along and dashing over a
part of the ship below where we were seated, and the great orb of day descending in his course, as if to plunge his glorious beams into the mighty waters; our thoughts were elevated & sublime. We
felt that we were removing further still from the land of our nativity & thought upon home and friends forsaken for the Lord’s sake. With much tenderness of soul & real devotion we sang
that sweet & favorite hymn “My soul through my Redeemers care etc., and again resolved to live for God alone and all within us shout his praise.”

10th April/25. – The Sabbath; – last Lord’s day we had a little service in the Cabin and most of the crew attended. Today we heard the word on deck. Bro. Rathbone preached. Himself and
his good wife have both been very sick. It is a difficult task to write, our ship rolls so much from one side to the other owing to the manner in which some heavy materials on board have been
“stowed away”. However I try to read theological works & write sermons, with my desk “lashed” to the Cabin table. My attention has been occupied much with this text and I have
prepared a sketch to preach when opportunity affords. “For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake.” Phils. 1:29.

17th April/25. – Today I preached on deck, though the vessel was “pitching” more than was convenient. The crew I think were all present, about 20 of them, and attended to the word
spoken. We find a considerable alteration of climate. At first we were chilled with cold all day long, but now we have a degree of heat that is supportable & no cold to complain of. There is a
marked difference on board on the Sabbath day, yet more cooking than I can justify.

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