August 1825

1st August/25; – Yesterday being the Sabbath, and my turn at Chateau-belair, the Lord was with me in my labours . O that the spirit of my duty may always be imparted; and that I may greatly increase in every qualification for my office in the ministry. Preaching is only a part of the Sabbath-day’s duty; There are several hundred names to be called over, and often much conversation as to absent, sick, or disorderly members, chiefly, however, among the slaves & their difficulties often arise solely out of their peculiar civil state: – out of SLAVERY.

8th August/25; – On the past Sabbath, I went through very heavy rain to my appointment at Layou. It seems the people did not expect a preacher in consequence of the unfavourable weather. My arrival was published and in a short time the congregation assembled more numerously than of late even in fine weather. Better attendance was probably occasioned by the comparative leisure enjoyed by the Slaves “out of crop”. It was to me, a cause of thankfulness & to some, a special benefit that the Lord was manifested in the midst of us: one person then received the love of God & gave Him glory by proclaiming it to all around while I was meeting a part of the Society. May many more be saved in Layou & in every place! Amen.

14th August/25; – Sabbath; – A very profitable day; my soul was sweetly engaged in dispensing the bread of life to an attentive people, who surely receive the ingrafted word of divine grace which is able to save their souls.

15th The effects of yesterday’s labours in the Lord’s Vineyard, I feel rather sensibly; but am still enabled to continue some well meant efforts to improve my mind and my sermons too, in order to more satisfaction & success. It is a disadvantage to me that I reside twelve miles from my superintendent and colleagues, and when we do meet occasionally we have to converse on business, duty requires this frequently, rather than books and literature.

20th; – Our extra meetings for prayer are well attended; and the Lord has raised up another praying soul to call upon Him & assist in this blessed work. I do hope to see much good done in this place, and many souls receive salvation. This morning before day two shocks of an earthquake were felt in this island, and shook, it is said, the houses etc. more than ordinarily. Perhaps it is a prelude to something worse, as there has been much storm & desolation in the islands to leeward of St. Vincent. May we be prepared for whatever our heavenly Father either appoints or permits; and O may He “shake terribly” the Kingdom of darkness & “bow the whole world to His sway!”

21st August/25; – Sabbath; – attended my appointts; had a pretty large congregation, – enjoyed the Divine presence; and hope that some good was done. The fever with which that place has been visited has not yet abated. O that Divine mercy may turn the people from their sins, and lead them to the fountain of life and salvation.

26th Sent letters to our friends in Europe. We are separated from them by the “mighty deep”, an extent of Ocean at least 4000 miles, and must endure a tax on our patience, not only as to social intercourse but correspondence also.

28th Augt/25; – Lord’s day; – appointed in Town and the Lord was with me indeed. I hope also that the favored many more with his gracious presence.

29th Blessed be the name of the Lord for a thousand mercies! I do adore His holy name. In returning from Town this afternoon, had a very “heavy sea” and our danger appeared to be great. But as I was going home I felt its attractions; and thought “many waters cannot quench love”. It is necessary for me to redeem what time I can to employ in my study. Through the goodness of God, all is well at home, & my soul is happy. My dear Anna & I are “going to heaven” and pray to be preserved blameless until the day of Christ. May His grace be sufficient for us under all circumstances, whether of life or death!

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