Where’s the remote control?

My wife and I are awaiting the imminent arrival of our first child, and in an attempt to be well prepared we’ve purchased a car seat. It was delivered unexpectedly today and immediately bemused both of us.


The Maxi-Cosi Cabrio car seat as shown on its CD-Rom

It’s more complicated than any VCR I’ve ever come across. In fact, the instruction manual is a multimedia affair supplied on a CR-Rom! Luckily there’s a traditional, multi-lingual, paper-based version as well, but it’s still so complicated that I can’t help feeling there must be a course somewhere we can take to learn how to use the thing properly.

I only hope the maternity hospital takes a leaf out of the manufacturer’s book and sends us home with an instruction manual and CD-Rom for the next little bundle that arrives at short notice.

One thought on “Where’s the remote control?”

  1. Is it made in Germany? Or, perhaps, Ontario, where English-qualified midwives have to retrain before being allowed near a pregnant female (presumably, because Ontarian babies are born differently).
    Incidentally, the once much-admired Canadian health system is now in such a poor state that nowadays you have to wait ten months for a bed in the Maternity Ward.

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