Frasier has left the building

Seattle skyline with pulsating red light on top of  the Space Needle.…for the last time unfortunately.

It’s truly the end of an era. The last episodes of Frasier will be broadcast in the UK this evening. Of course, the good news is that repeats have already started. Channel 4 is showing old episodes every weekday morning this week, and long may it continue.

Watching this show throughout the last decade has been an awful lot of fun, and the idea of writing for it was once one of my dream jobs. Why has it been so good? I’ll let the writers speak for themselves:

Frasier to Eddie (the dog), who won’t stop staring at him:

“What is so fascinating about me? What is it? In your eyes, does my head look like a large piece of kibble? Am I some kind of doggy enigma? What is it?”

Eddie continues to stare.

“Think about it. Get back to me.”