Marriage A-la-Mode

The Marriage Contract by William Hogarth

The Marriage Contract by William Hogarth

The Eonomist’s New York Briefing arrived in my inbox this morning and it contained the following statistic:

New York has more single people than any other state, with most of them living in the city, according to a report released in October by the US Census Bureau. The city’s five boroughs boast some 2.4m people who have never walked down the aisle. And the New York metropolitan area ranks fifth in the country for its number of young singles with degrees.

That explains the article Love For Sale by Rebecca Mead in last week’s New Yorker magazine, which reviewed the book Find a Husband After 35 Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School by Rachel Greenwald.

I suppose it’s one way of putting your education to practical use; and who knows, perhaps this approach will breathe new life into the flagging business book sector.