February 1826

5 Febry Lord’s-day. – Preached at Layou; had good attendance; met the classes & administered the sacrament. Excluded a member of the Society for immorality, and received three persons on trial. Catechised a number of adults & children & from peculiar circumstances hastened home without superintending the Sunday school. During my absence a kind and bountiful Providence had blest me with a sweet little daughter; Of course, I think her the prettiest creature I have ever beheld. My dear Wife & her infant are both doing well. Praise the Lord for his goodness to us all.

6th Feby/26. My journey to Town last Friday evening was lost labor , and worse than that as we had such a squall at “the old woman’s point” as rendered our progress onward nearly impossible, and left not a dry thread on us but what there might have been inside of our hats. The Preachers had not arrived & I returned on Saturday. Today I went again, the weather very unfavourable to one’s preservation & comforts.

10th Received a dispensation from the District Meeting, as to attendance there, owing to the circumstances of my dear Wife and child; though I attended to business as much as possible.

12th Sabbath. Preached at Princes Town, had wet weather, yet a tolerable congregation. Gave them a plain & I hope a useful sermon. Attended to the classes and other affairs of the Society. There was but little prospect of a congregation at night, but the weather cleared up and as they expected to hear their old friend & minister Mr. Nelson from Tobago, attendance was tolerably good. When it is remembered that our streets are not paved, covered with green turf & but indifferently drained, and that so many of the inhabitants are liable to fever & ague etc. etc. from even a little damp, no one can be surprised at the effects produced on our meetings in “the rainy season”.

13th Feb/26 – Went up to Town in company with Mr Nelson to continue the business of the District Meeting.

15th The District business terminated this day. Great union & peace prevailed and I found both instruction & edification in attending it. There have not been so many changes as were anticipated. I am to remain at P. Town owing to “family circumstances”. It is my determination to labor in the strength of grace, and I earnestly hope to be enabled to realise much success in saving precious souls. During the past year I have seen fruit of my labours; may the present be much more prosperous & all to the glory of God.

19th Feb/26. Lord’s-day; Just finished another trip to Layou. Our prospect of success is more encouraging than formerly, as both the congregation & society increase. May the fruits of piety be multiplied here, and throughout the whole earth, and the Kingdom of Jesus be established in every heart.

22nd Rode to Gordon Castle, catechised the little Negroes, and afterwards preached to the adults, who with the family, made up a tolerable numerous congregation.

23rd Early this morning catechised again and was pleased to find that they had made some progress, as Mrs H. Gordon had herself taken some pains with them during my absence. There is some good seed sown in this place; may it take deep root, and bring forth abundant fruit to the glory of God.

25th Feb/26. This evening we were highly gratified with intelligence from our dear friends at Mountsorrell. A letter from Home speaks eloquently though without a tongue. How gratifying even only to look upon the silent messenger of agreeable tidings.

26th Lord’s-day. Went to Chateau-belair, though not quite at the usual time as the morning was very wet. Landed there about 9A.M. Heavy showers, yet contrary to all expectation a tolerable company assembled and we had a good time. At night I preached again, and was informed that so great a number of white gentlemen had not been seen there before on any single occasion. One of them behaved worse than I have ever witnessed in the lowest slave. The Lord have mercy on him & deliver his soul out of the snare of the devil, though I confess his case seems hopeless.

27th Feby/26. Early this morning I re-embarked and in “shoving off” was nearly swamped in a heavy surf, but providentially escaped with only a good wetting. In an uncomfortable plight I continued for about two hours before the boatman could row me home; where I found all well. The Lord had preserved us though absent for a while from each other.

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