January 1826

1st Jany 1826. Sabbath. Appointed to Chateau-belair; preached twice & renewed the covenant; The morning congregation was unusually large, and we had a blessed time, an encouraging beginning of the new year, the Lord was with us indeed. This may possibly be the last year of my life! May it be the happiest & by far the most useful! If my life and health are spared, and Divine grace is continued to and increased with in me, no doubt it will be so. The past may easily be eclipsed in every respect, and so it ought. Lord strengthen me, and incline the people to seek redemption in their Saviours [sic] blood. Amen.

8th Jan/26. Sabbath. Preached at Layou, and renewed the Covenant. Had a large congregation for that place, and they were attentive. Several, non members, accepted an invitation from the pulpit to covenant with God, being at the same time earnestly exhorted to forsake sin and serve the Lord. This was a very solemn and impressive time. Afterwards the classes were met, and three persons made application to be received into the Society.

9th This was our quarter day, the meeting was to be held in Town. I set off early in a large canoe, and in the worst part of the sea through which we had to go, the rudder gave way, and a gust of wind carried away the cap of one of the oarsmen and it sunk deep before we could put back far enough to pick it up. We did “ship” much water till passing through the surf to land, and then as I was sitting in the stern I received a salt wave upon my back, a salute by no means welcome. “But what is one among so many?” The business of the day was transacted in peace. This mission is blest with prosperity; there is an increase of about 100 members, after filling up vacancies occasioned by deaths, expulsions & removals to the amount of about 100. A good proportion of the increase is in the Leeward societies. May prosperity continue!

14th Jan/26. Went to Town as directed by the circuit plan, appointed there for tomorrow. Was unexpectedly requested to return & take the superintendent’s place at Chateau-belair. Of course, I returned home and endeavoured to put up with the disappointment. I submitted for the sake of peace, but would have preferred my own appointment.

15th Jan/26. Sabbath. Went through a heavy sea to Chateau-belair, could not set off early owning to the weather, and had a showery day. However blessed be God, who brought together a larger congregation than could have been reasonably expected and favoured me with a good time both in preaching & in administering the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.

16th/26. Though Saturday was spent in going to Town & back again to my home yet the change was so far beneficial that I had this day for more agreeable and edifying purposes.

21st Jan/26. Went to town in order to take an appointment at Windward.

22nd Sabbath. Preached to the numerous congregation & society at Biabou.

23rd Just returned from town. The Preacher stationed at Leeward ought not to go frequently to Windward because of the distance, and also because the affairs of the Society are most likely to be conducted best by the Preacher stationed among them. It is not my turn for a considerable time. My public duties whether difficult or comparatively easy, are my delight. This will I hope by the grace of God be always the case while here below in heaven there will be neither embarrassment nor hinderance [sic]. O Lord make me quite ready for thy Kingdom of grace, be my preserver from sin; bless my labours, and give me many souls for my hires. Amen.

26th Jan/26. The return of members in the Leeward Societies is as follows P. Town 98, Chatlar 301; & Layou 79 = Total 478. There are several candidates for Society; 79 Catechumens; 107 Sunday scholars & 14 Teachers. May the good work of God prosper in this quarter more than ever & in every place.

29th Sabbath. It was my turn at P. Town & I preached at the usual hour in the forenoon and attended to the classes & gave the sacrament. The presence of the Most High was with us, and I was much blest in my labours. At night, heard a sermon which was much too long.

30th Jan/26. It is expected that our annual District Meeting will be held shortly, when perhaps some of us may be removed to other islands. My prayer is that God may direct me to where I shall be most useful & bring most glory to His Great Name.

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