October 1825

2nd Octr/25: – Sabbath: In my spiritual labours I was not left to merely human resources; for the Lord was with me, and furnished me in some degree out of his treasury. The necessity of Divine aid in preaching & other duties of a missionary & in living so as to exemplify the power of His truth, I always deeply feel.

3rd: – By the arrival of the Packet this morning I received intelligence from Carlisle – our dear friends there are in tolerable health. This is the first Letter received since my dear Anna & I left Home last March. Hope to hear from Mountsorrell very shortly. The Stations from the last Conference arrived at the same time and it seems I am to go to Tobago next February after District Meeting, our removals taking place then & not in August as in Great Britain. Lord direct me in all things; wherever I am sent to , make me a great blessing. Thine shall be the glory for evermore.

9th Oct/25: – Sabbath: – my appointment today was at Princes Town, and the Lord made me happy in my labors. Blessed be his holy name for ever! Amen.

10th This morning Mr Payne, who was at Chateau-belair yesterday, and I went to Town together in the canoe which was thereby amply freighted. We held our quarterly meeting about the middle of the day & business was conducted in peace. I could not well return the same evening, and therefore lodged in the Mission House.

11th A stormy day – the sea ran high – and it was not sage to embark in so small a vessel till evening and even then in launching I had a good wetting. There was a heavy sea all the way down to P. Town and in landing there I got wet again. This last was of less consequence as I was so near my own residence. In the midst of all, the Lord is with me, & my soul is always happy; though at sea in bad weather I am often induced to review my stake before God & in reference to sudden death, yet through the blood of atonement I do find all is well & “perfect love casteth out all fear that hath torment”.

12th Oct/25: – Having previously arranged for it, I rode over to “Gordon Castle” this afternoon and was cordially welcomed by the Hon’ble Robert Gordon, Proprietor of the Spring Estate on which it stands. I met with some interesting company, quite disposed to converse religiously & but lately from England. In the evening, the slaves were assembled in the Hall and together with the family & visitors, made up a goodly number. They appeared to be profited by what I said on the all-important subject of salvation. Lodged there very comfortably; but such a “castle” I had never seen before. It was a wooden building one story high, of French construction & much decayed; and looked like a cluster of tenements some large & several small ones stuck together, not under one roof but having several. But it was in a cool and beautiful situation, on an eminence, commanding a view of a truly picturesque scene; and likely to be healthy. The Proprietor is Col. of the Northern Regt of Militia; and the President of His Majesty’s council in St. Vincent, and one of the most aged gentlemen resident in the Colony. His relative, also aged, pointed out through a window “a little bit of a stick” as he termed it, which he had planted: judge of my surprise on seeing an immense “silk cotton tree” 50 or 60 feet high & 15 or 20 feet in girth, with widely expanded limbs & foliage. The Col.wishes to be buried between two of the natural buttresses by which this kind of tree is supported all round. Vegetation is most rapid and abundant; the interior and mountains, with only one exception (“the souffrier”) are evergreen and the wild luxuriant profusion of vegetable life on every hand, and in great variety shows the power of the soil and the bounty of its Creator. The negroes and natives, are remarkable for their knowledge of the nature & properties of many kinds of “bush”, with which they make “T’sour”, and they are often seen picking the kind they want, even out of the private yard of one’s dwelling from among the weeds & even the very weeds themselves too; – no doubt the whole country teems with medicinal herbage more than has yet been discovered by any one.

13th Oct/25; – This morning early I catechised about a dozen children (negroes) brought together by Sister Quasheba, a faithful slave & exemplary member of P. Town society; – then took leave, highly gratified with my visit, persuaded that my labor had not been in vain.

14th Oct: – The usual evening for preaching at Layou; – The smallest and least encouraging Society in this Island, but there is some good doing even there; – Had to go thither yesterday after my return from Gordon Castle.

16th Oct/25. Sabbath: – Preached at Layou today; and re-commenced Sabbath evening preaching. Better attendance than was expected; – felt happy in my work; – and the word appeared to be made a blessing, though sown in weakness. Visited an afflicted medical gentleman; – prayed with the family & returned to P. Town about 10 P.M. sufficiently wearied & exhausted.

23rd Oct Sabbath; – Went to Chateau-bellair [sic]; – had large congregations; and attended to all the duties devolving upon me at that time, with the blessing of heaven which was best of all. Returned after evening service to accommodate a brother who wished to have the canoe early in the morning to return to Town. It was late before I reached home.

24th As I came home last evening I had neither the pleasure nor the benefit of a two hours early ride in the canoe, though I had more time to spend in my study. Sent 2 Letters to be forwarded to England. Newport Pagnel & Rugby.

30th Oct/25; – Lord’s day: – Preached at Layou, had a pretty large & attentive congregation. Administered the Sacrament of the Lord’s supper to the Communicants permitted to receive it, perhaps a fifth of the whole number in Society. Had a good tine, but felt the heat oppressively. One person, apparently very sincere came forward to join the people of God. O that many more may follow her example in this respect & “flee from the wrath to come”.

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