The Minky Dishjet Powerpad

Click to view a larger image.I’d like to introduce the latest entry in the battle of the dishmatiques, the Minky Dishjet Powerpad!

Credit must once again go to my wife for spotting this new rival to the classic Easy-Do Dishmatique in our local Sainsbury’s (you may remember that she was the first to find the Easy-Do Bathmatique), and there can be no doubt that it also qualifies as a true dishmatique since it meets Jonathon’s specification:

  • a handle that is filled with liquid detergent; plus
  • snap-on replaceable sponge heads.

In fact, the packaging boasts that “Refill heads include brush, non-stick and tough scourer”. It has an on/off switch built-in to the handle so that although it “Dispenses Liquid As It Cleans”, it also “Saves Washing Up Liquid”. It has a screw cap at the end of the handle, so unlike the Dishappointing Dishmatique Flex, washing-up liquid can’t leak out. We’ve been using it for a week (in great secrecy) and can attest that it holds up well when compared with the original Dishmatique. It’s a little shorter, but stouter, and feels more durable. However, only time will tell.

It’s produced by Minky Homecare Vale Mill (Rochdale Ltd), who’s website address is given as, and I must admit that I’d never heard of the company before this discovery, which is perhaps a telling admission because…

Royal Warrant on Minky packaging … Minky holds H. M. The Queen’s Royal Warrant for cleaning and laundry products. This is the Dishmatique that Prince Phillip uses at Buckingham Palace! Now, wouldn’t he be a great addition to the Sudsy Studs Calendar? Just think what it could do for sales.

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  1. i was really impressed with your product. and decided to purchase one . i was amazed at how many supermarkets sell this device. other than the dishmatique produced by easy do are there any other products similar that are as successful as the dish jet?

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